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A Monthly clicking

The photos displayed in this website are for the use of this website only, with authorization of the photographer.

Contact the photographer if you would like to buy or use any of the photos posted in our website.

August 2017

Photography by Claudia Hagan

All right Reserved


Photography by Steve Clark

All right Reserved

Copyright Lee Schechtman




Copyright Thomas Whitney

Copyright Daisy Schenck

Red Road

Copyright Mary Goodrich 2017,


Photo Courtesy

Copyright Molly Hart


Photo Courtesy

Charles Wood


Photo Courtesy

Roy Massey


Photo Courtesy

Claudia Hagan


Photo Courtesy

Mary Goodrich

MacKenzie Park

Mary Goodrich -Lava –

Photo Courtesy

Claudia C Hagan


Stephen Clark -Lili’ uokalani Park-

Cell phone

Lynn Nakkim

Lunada Bay, California

Share with us your latest/funny/tragic/ photograph.                              Send it

2 photographs per person per month
Anytime of the month!
Participants can ask questions about other photographs and make comments!
Include the settings of your photograph/s.
Iphone, Android  users: models, please!