February 2016 Newsletter

Our February 2016 Newsletter has been posted. You will find it on the
Newsletter page.

Next meeting is the 4th Wednesday, February 17, 2016
at the Kamana Senior Center, 7 p.m.

Contents of the Newsletter
3 Mauna Kea: Astronomy and a beautiful moonrise
4 Smithsonian Submillimeter Array
5 Competition as Corruption – Vijay Karai
7 ArThoughts: Pedro Guerrero by Sudha Achar
9 Shining Light – Galen Rowell’s Photography by Robert Genn
12 January Meeting Notes by Faith Cloud
13 Magic Lantern and Darktable by Harry Durgin
17 Vijay Karai’s Fine Digital Archive

Tom — Once again, we are thankful for the exquisite work that you put in.