Kea’au Shelter


There is a big need for animals to be adopted at different shelters on the Big Island.

As you know big part of Puna’s population has to relocate their houses, it is not easy to find a place and landlords that welcome your animals.

People has been forced to leave their animals behind…and many of them need a new home,

We can help with a great photograph that can touch people’s heart, if you want to give a try to this project there are a few steps that we need to walk together, first is “The orientation”, then is to be able to partner with another photographer to help each other, (optional) and third is to set up days and hours.

This is project that you can benefit from it, you will learn to understand animal’s behavior, little tricks that can save you time and give you a great photograph, you will learn technique and practice at the same time…

You do not have to be an “animal person” to do this.

Please contact , or txt her at 808-430-0021





To learn how to photograph animals at the shelter to help to find a new home for this lone

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