The Big Island present a variety of terrains, weather, fauna and flora,
if you want to have a good time to be prepared is a must .
We recommend to check:
Time, equipment, if your logic is right, and a safety over view to where you are going.
Rain protection for your equipment always handy, good shoes, water, extra water, snacks, a light back pack or a water resistant bag, a hat, sun block, a wind/rain protection,
to make your journey a lot of more enjoyable.
Company is optional but for sure a good one is always a plus!

October outing


Waiki’i Ranch Read more here




The Photo Club outings are not only for members but you have to donate a contribution if you want to come with us, annual membership is only $15.

For information in how to become a member visit http://hilophotoclub.org/members/, you can always contact us via email