County Fair 2015

Thanks very much to all of the members who participated in the County Fair Exhibit between Sep 10-13th, 2015. Special thanks go to Claudia for all of the hard work that was put in organizing this.

Steve and George hard at work putting up the booth:

The booth:

Also See: Facebook Photos 1 and Facebook Photos 2.

The winners of the popular choice contest were:

1. Charles Wood, “Puna Sunrise”

2. Charles Wood, “Haleakala Dawn”

3. Claudia Hagan, “Sensing Nature”


Hawai‘i Nei 2015 — A Juried Art Exhibition

The Three Mountain Alliance, the Natural Area Reserves System, the Wailoa Center, and the Mauna Kea Forest Restoration Project are proud to announce Hawai‘i Nei 2015, a juried art exhibition celebrating the native flora and fauna of Hawai‘i Island. Amateur and professional artists and photographers of all ages are invited to submit works of art celebrating the native plants, animals, and habitats of our beloved island, our Hawai‘i Nei. All artwork must be registered online by October 22.

To find out more, go to:

Hawaii Nei 2015 will be displayed at the Wailoa Center from November 6 through December 17, 2015. The opening reception will be November 6, 2015. There will be a youth reception 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm at Wailoa Center in Hilo. A formal reception and award ceremony for the adult division will follow from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded.

Meeting for September 23rd, 2015

Meeting on September 23rd at 7:00PM at Kamana Senior Center


On September 23rd we have two talented gentlemen sharing their photographic expertise.

Macrophotography of Tiny Animals – By Bob Peck

First up is Bob Peck, local entomologist, who will share his images of insects and other arthropods that inhabit Hawaiian forests. Last year at the juried Hawaii Nei exhibit at Wailoa Center, Bob received several awards for his amazing photographs.

Bob Peck: I have been involved in photography for over 25 years, reluctantly retiring my 4×5 landscape camera to embrace digital technology. Most recently, I have been concentrating on documenting the world of tiny terrestrial and marine animals through macro photography. Most of my images are taken using a 90 mm macro lens, but an old-school manual focus 1-5x 65mm lens allows the capture of extreme detail. As an entomologist studying Hawaiian ecosystems, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to search for insects on regular basis. Many of these arthropods become subjects of my photography.


Using Corel Painter 12 to Modify Digital Photo Images

For Member’s Choice, Michael Poore’s presentation will be on how to manipulate digital photos using Corel Painter12. He will show examples of before and after images.

Michael Poore: My short presentation will be on how to use Corel Painter 12 to modify digital photograph images to make them over into what might be called a painting. Using the computer in this way to produce a final image is somewhat of a pioneering effort.


August/September 2015 – Newsletter

To read and or download Our Recent Newsletter, please click HERE

Contents of Newsletter
3 Macrophotography of Tiny Animals – By Bob Peck
4 Using Corel Painter 12 to Manipulate Digital Photos – By Michel Poore
6 August Meeting Notes – By Mary Goodrich
8 Painting with Photography – By Steve Pollard
9 Elusive Memories – Trudee Seimann
10 July Meeting Notes – By Mary Goodrich
12 The Promised Land – ArThoughts by Sudha Achar

Kea’au Shelter


There is a big need for animals to be adopted at different shelters on the Big Island.

As you know big part of Puna’s population has to relocate their houses, it is not easy to find a place and landlords that welcome your animals.

People has been forced to leave their animals behind…and many of them need a new home,

We can help with a great photograph that can touch people’s heart, if you want to give a try to this project there are a few steps that we need to walk together, first is “The orientation”, then is to be able to partner with another photographer to help each other, (optional) and third is to set up days and hours.

This is project that you can benefit from it, you will learn to understand animal’s behavior, little tricks that can save you time and give you a great photograph, you will learn technique and practice at the same time…

You do not have to be an “animal person” to do this.

Please contact , or txt her at 808-430-0021





To learn how to photograph animals at the shelter to help to find a new home for this lone

Members Announcements

Here you can find the latest news from our members, exhibits, books, anything to brag about it is here!, we are always glad to fill this posting with many announcements and spread the love!!!


For the month of November Hawaii Museum of Contemporary Art has an exhibit where 2 of our very active members had been selected, please go to see the exhibit you will enjoy it!

We congratulate Lynn Nakim and Faith Cloud

 Congratulations to

our President Christian James for his first place, “people choice” on the County Fair 2014, Second Place, Linda Halsted

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From our member Tom Whitney

I have worked for more than a decade on this book with my friend Kimo Pihana. All my values and every skill I have as a designer, photographer, writer and printer have come together (as I celebrate my 75th birthday) in this all color coffee-table book we have priced affordably, under $20. I commend it to your attention and your wallet and your friends. We think it will make a great gift anytime and around the holidays. It is  a great memento of Hawaii. As Mary said, “It is a high quality gift, and for only $20 it is perfect.” You can order it on our website:

   This is “A wonderful story and an absolutely terrific book,” says author Leslie Lang. This life story of Native Hawaiian “Uncle Kimo” Pihana traces his beginnings in a taro patch on O‘ahu through the Merchant Marine, almost getting killed in Viet Nam, working in a refinery and then an intense period of Hawaiian Kingdom activism on the Big Island.

  He then became active in many cultural events at Pu‘ukoholä Heiau in Kawaihai, Waipio Valley, Pu‘uhonua o Höunaunau, the Makahiki Festival and hula group performances at Kilauea. He was the first ranger on Mauna Kea.  For years his ‘ohana performed ceremonies welcoming the colorful annual powwows in Hilo.

  Pihana celebrates dozens of groups and individuals who honor the Hawaiian culture. There are many chapters relating to Hawaiian chants, hookupu or offerings, Hawaiian altars, decorating Hawaiian garments, Hawaiian survival skills and how to deal with stress.

   A wounded veteran with two Purple hearts, he is Senior Vice Commander, Hawaii Island Chapter 731 of Combat Wounded Veterans of the Viet Nam War. He is a member of the Royal Order of Kamehameha I and on the board of the International Lunar Observatory Association.

   I took most of the 220 color pictures and designed the book.

精装书模板hardcover template-215x286mm



I will start bragging about our Members that were accepted on the last  Hawaii Photo Expo 2014

The winner was Mary Goodrich!!!!!

HPC is proud to have her and all of this amazing photographers as members!

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