Photo Review Nov 2015: Power of the Image

In November we are going to celebrate the power that photography has to move us emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In our next meeting, we are going to do something a little different for our “Photo Review”. In fact, it is not going to be a review at all but more of an opportunity to share images that are important to us personally.

For example, you might share an early image that you created that inspired you to pursue photography. Or an image by someone else that has shaped the way you see the world photographically. Or an image of a family member or loved one that is precious. Feel free to improvise. You can share anything that moves you.

The images do not have to be a technically outstanding. They are not going to be judged. Please accompany each image with a short statement explaining why that particular image is important to you. You may remain anonymous or not, your choice.

The purpose of this sharing is to get to know our fellow club members a bit better and further ignite the fires of creativity that sustain us in our photographic pursuits.

Please send 1-3 images to Ken by November 16th at:

Ansel Adams
photo credit “Ansel Adams”

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